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jayati sharma

genetics, epidemiology methods, nutrition, chronic disease prevention,
health & policy advocacy
Educational Background:

University of Arizona
       > BS in Public Health
       > BS in Molecular & Cellular Biology

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
       > ScM in Genetic Epidemiology 
       > PhD in Genetic Epidemiology (exp. 2025)


Hi! I'm Jayati

I'm currently a PhD student at Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health studying Genetic Epidemiology. I work with Dr. Genevieve Wojcik in the RAGE Lab at the Department of Epidemiology.

In terms of research, I'm passionate about genetics, environment, & cardio-metabolic diseases. Within genetic epidemiology, I'm interested in exploring polygenic risk prediction and gene-environment interactions in chronic diseases. I'm currently working on a project testing the use of polygenic scores in genetic causal inference for the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease.

I look forward to a career in which I can use epidemiology & data science to improve large-scale public health outcomes using genetics. I have been an active participant in public health initiatives and organizations throughout my time as a student. I am strongly committed to advocacy for underprivileged and historically minoritized communities around the world.

Outside of research and academia, I am an active science communicator, writer, and musician (fun fact: I hold a bachelors-level degree in Indian Classical Music!). I enjoy living life as a continual learner. I'm always open to opportunities to build skills, advocate for community needs, & collaborate.

Writing & Science Communication

Read some of my work on Medium. I occasionally share my thoughts on science, public health, and other current events, too. 

I'm was previously a contributor at Massive Science. Check out my work published before the site took a hiatus here.

Last summer, I was a fellow of the AAAS Mass Media Fellowship with the Wichita Eagle. 

I'm always looking for opportunities and projects to work on/with other scientists and writers around science writing, especially in human genetics/genomics. 

Reach Out!

As a student, I really love talking to people (including other students!) about science, public health, and grad school.

Send me an email if you'd like to chat or collaborate on a piece/project! I'd love to hear from you. 

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